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As one of the world's largest professional services organizations, Deloitte sets the standard for developing leading-class talent and is committed to hiring and retaining leaders across all levels of the organization.

Deloitte's commitment to developing leaders is demonstrated by our investment in new, transformative experiences, which helps Deloitte remain a place where leaders thrive. To help our people hone their leadership skills and advance in their careers, we offer unique client opportunities and targeted training, and we help facilitate mentorship relationships.

Deloitte has made a commitment to the White House to set a goal of doubling our veteran hiring numbers over the next three years as part of the Joining Forces initiative. We value the dedication of our nation's service members of the past, present, and future, and we aim to educate veterans about potential career opportunities. Our veteran hires bring a unique perspective, experience, and skills that are valuable to Deloitte.

Community Built On Connection  

Helping our people establish connections is a priority for Deloitte and embodies the organization's commitment to building a strong community. We believe that strong programs and relationships facilitate a successful transition from the military into Deloitte.

One such program is Deloitte's Armed Forces Business Resource Group, which is part of Deloitte's Inclusion program and supports veterans and their families with their transition from service to the corporate world. Similarly, the Veterans Practitioner Program (VPP) pairs seasoned veteran practitioners with newly-hired veterans during their first weeks at the organization, with the goal of establishing long-term mentorship relationships. These programs are just two examples of the many Deloitte initiatives aimed at supporting and developing our practitioners.

Continuous learning 

Recognizing the value in promoting a culture of continuous learning, we proudly offer training and development opportunities at Deloitte University (DU), our state-of-the-art, 712,000 square foot leadership center in Westlake, Texas. Established in 2011, DU features leading-edge classrooms where our people gain critical business skills, as well as space to host leadership forums, industry conferences, and networking events — all designed to grow our talent and increase the value provided to our clients. To further support Deloitte's commitment to fostering an environment where all leaders thrive, in March 2013, Deloitte launched the DU Leadership Center for Inclusion (DU LCI), focused on advancing the conversation on inclusion.

Leadership through client service 

Deloitte focuses on providing high-value service to our military and civilian clients, which is facilitated by practitioners who exhibit strength in areas such as team leadership and adaptability to new environments. Deloitte recognizes that, given their unique background and experience, veterans bring many of these valued traits to the clients they serve. As a result, we view veterans as a special source of talent that benefits our business, our clients, and our culture.

Community impact 

Celebrating a long-standing commitment to community, Deloitte adheres to an Impact Imperative – a strategy that aligns the skills and talents of our people to help nonprofit organizations achieve and advance their missions. In 2013, Deloitte was proud to celebrate its fourth consecutive year as the presenting sponsor of the Warrior Games, a Paralympic-style competition featuring 260 service members and veterans from across the United States and United Kingdom. This year also marks Deloitte's 14th annual IMPACT Day, for which our more than 45,000 United States practitioners are asked to set aside their client work and contribute their time and talent to local nonprofits.

Recent Job Opportunities

ABAP开发高级工程师 GDC SAP 德勤咨询(重庆全球交付中心) - Chongqing, Western China
Description: 基本要求: SAP开发5年以上经验,熟悉SAP传统模块(FI/CO, SD, MM, PP)和常用接口技术的设计开发 能独立、直接与功能顾问、客户进行需求沟通,并具备部分功能、和全部技术设计能力 具备小型开发项目团队(少于5人或5人)管理经验,能够制定整体开发计划,跟踪开发进度,并有对功能设计和技术设计品质监管能力 2个及以上全开发周期(设计、开发、单体测试、集成测试、用户测试、上线支持)项目经验 敬业、富有团队合作精神,必要时能加班加点,以身作则带领团队完成任务 英语CET-4通过,读写熟练,口语能力达到电话会议基本表达要求...
Reference Code: 3766630
ABAP开发工程师 GDC SAP 德勤咨询(重庆全球交付中心) - Chongqing, Western China
Description: 基本要求: SAP开发3年以上经验,熟悉至少2个SAP传统模块开发(FI/CO, SD, MM, PP等) 能独立、直接与功能顾问、客户进行需求沟通,并具备部分功能、和全部技术设计能力 1个及以上全开发周期(设计、开发、单体测试、集成测试、用户测试、上线支持)项目经验 敬业、富有团队合作精神,必要时能加班加点按照计划完成任务 英语CET-4通过,读写熟练,口语能力达到电话会议基本表达要求...
Reference Code: 3766628
ABAP Developer Global Delivery Service SAP Consulting (CQ GDC) - Chongqing, Western China
Description: 基本要求: SAP开发3年以上经验,熟悉至少2个SAP传统模块开发(FI/CO, SD, MM, PP等) 能独立、直接与功能顾问、客户进行需求沟通,并具备部分功能、和全部技术设计能力 1个及以上全开发周期(设计、开发、单体测试、集成测试、用户测试、上线支持)项目经验 敬业、富有团队合作精神,必要时能加班加点按照计划完成任务 英语CET-4通过,读写熟练,口语能力达到电话会议基本表达要求 加分因素: 英语CET-6及以上 日语能力(1~3级) SAP其他模块开发能力(HR、SRM、CRM、APO等)...
Reference Code: 3766629

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Veterans at a Glance

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  • 1,000+ Military Veteran employees
  • 700 directly supporting the federal government